Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Thanksgiving is always a good time to be thankful for various sorts of food, and various forms of family, and believe me, I adore both, and spent a weekend rife with them. I also spent a lot of time absorbing bits of culture, which I have time right now only to ennumerate but not describe. Will it suffice to say that everything below is very very good?

When I Was Young and in My Primeby Alayna Munce -- lyric novel

30 Rock -- tv show

Across the Universe -- film

Those are all worth experiencing, as are the other highlights of my weekend, but M and L's house, my mother's apple pie, and the experience of applying black lipstick in a housewares store while T holds up a pot lid to reflect your face, are sadly not linkable.

These are days you'll remember

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frede said...

Still racked (wracked?) by terrible chest pains but being v. stoic in the manner of Helen Burns.