Thursday, October 4, 2007

15 days!

P. invited me to make caramel apples with her and I. for Hallowe’en and while if this were another year, I likely could’ve—and would’ve—found some way to get around the orthodontia to participate, I am *much* more excited to be planning to eat my caramel apple off a *stick*, the way it was intended. And now, because I am bored, a list of other foods that come on sticks:

--popsicles, fudgesicles, creamsicles, the whole sicle -family
--pogos ( I think there is another, non-branded name for those cornbread coated hotdogs on sticks, but I forget it—anyone?
--souvlaki/kebabs (is there a difference? If so, is the difference that souvlaki is just meat, but kebabs have a bunch of things in a festive pattern?
--those big chunks of pineapple you can get in Chinese markets on sticks
--caramel and candy apples, the whole apples-covered-in-goo family
--toasted marshmallows
--sometimes chocolate-covered marshmallows in fun shapes, especially around Hallowe’en
--I think the corn-on-the-cob you get at street fests comes with little stick-like handles

That’s all I can think of – anybody else?

Down on the corner / out in the street

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frede said...

Have you noticed that 95% of these forbidden foods are totally unhealthy? So even though I feel that everyone should be able to choose what they eat, at least being away from these things was not totally harmful !! hope you are having fun at LTH. Also am reading Jane Eyre (because of you). Mr. Rochester is blowing my mind.