Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday announcements

If this storm is in fact the end of time, it's been nice, guys!

Also, I'm reading tomorrow evening around 7ish in the Arbour Room at Hart House if you have nothing better to do. It's an open house to celebrate the first week of school, which i am very sad not to be a part of, so I am happy to be attending. The story that won the Hart House Review contest is "All the Ghostlies," which I had planned on reading. If you know that story, you know that it is not a happy one, and perhaps ill-suited to an opening week celebration. If it's any allurement, I've decided to go with something funny instead.

Also, today is the birthday of some fine folks, whom I am choosing to think of instead of another darker anniversary which today also is. But don't ever think I've forgotten; I doubt anyone ever does.

I am up to my ears in papers paper papers. And books!

That is all.

Baby when you call me you can call me Al

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