Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm a little manic today, possibly due to the fact that I had an extra coffee at the United Way coffee hour, or that I'm celebrating that it is Friday, or that I'm on the eve of super-exciting class reunion tomorrow and a theme-party (hobos!) tonight. Also possibly due to a bus ride of extreme awfulness this morning, wherein as I ran to the stop most of a bottle of soda leaked out into my bag, and spent the ride soggy and self-conscious, also sad about the wasted soda (good thing I bought two. I'm drinking the second one now, because of course I need way more caffeine). Now that my pants have dried, I have a new lease on life!!

I've pretty much had it with making sense, which is a fairly unfortunate state of mind to be writing blog posts in. What I really want to do is take a lap around the building and then lie down for a while. Which I might actually do. I'll keep you posted.

The book of love is long and boring

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