Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Smarter and smarter

You shouldn't mix energy drinks containing taurines with alcohol. If
someone is drowning in a river, you toss a throwline *across* the river
to someone on the other side, not to the drowner. You can make a boom
mic with a telescoping paint roller and duct tape. I'm learning a lot at
my new job.

Otherwise, I'm learning moves like "the wiggle" and "boom" (from cardio
salsa class), that they put you in with the kids the first *week* of
teacher's college (from my correspondent E), that I can't do everything
I think I can do (from my sad current story), and that men who beam at my thighs in the street almost never have anything to say that I need to hear (from men in the street).

Thinking about Rosemary and thinking about the knife

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