Saturday, August 4, 2007

Quick poll

Do you know what Jenga is?

If I used it as a verb--he had a stack of tapes Jenga'd in the corner--would that make sense to you?

Insights appreciated. I thought everybody in the world knew and loved Jenga, but perhaps I am mistaken.

It's impossible bliss


frede said...

Of course, Jenga. Noun, verb anyway you cut it! Who has forgotten "you take the one from the bottom and you put it on top"??? FYI, you do know Christine is a Jenga Grandmaster? She is remarkably skilled.

Kerry said...

I totally get it. Once we drove behind a legendarily-chaotically loaded flatbed truck which we still refer to today as "jenga", only because we so narrowly lived to tell the tale.

Kerry said...
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The Chapati Kid said...

It would make sense to me. I love jenga. Jenga is a Swahili word, by the way. The infinitive is "Kujenga", which means "to build."

I knew my Swahili would come in hand outside Kenya one day.