Friday, August 24, 2007

Goodbye, library

In one hour and twelve minutes, I won't work here anymore. Sniff. It was just a temporary student job, a few hours per week and not that involved, but I have really really liked it here. I like my boss, my colleagues, the location, not so much the actual building but how near it is to other good things, and people. I liked how I could always run into people I know at work. Ok, ok, I really like how work allowed me to do my own thing a lot of the time. Expect a dip in posting from here on in.

Sigh. I made the muffins, I hugged my supervisor, I'm off to a posh pub with AMT ce soir, everything is sorted. I'm just a little sad. Only.

Sweetheart / bitter heart / now I can't tell you apart

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